Combating Traffic in Lagos

March 12, 2020

It is no secret that travel time in Lagos, Nigeria is one of the worst in the world. Los Angeles is known for its epic traffic problems, but Lagos exceeds Los Angeles by a mile. The city is not very big, in fact, it is one of the smaller cities but has well over 20 million people making it the most crowded little city. Commuters spend about 6 hours a day sitting in traffic.

The amount of space is so minimal, and the market demands more space. With that many people trying to get around town all day every day in this congested area it is not surprising that there are so many problems.

The impact on the people

1. There are quite a few accidents that happen daily, some which end up in death. *For every 100,000 people, there are 28 deaths. This is a much higher amount than in most places.

2. The stress level of people living and/or working in this city is very high. It’s taking a severe mental and physical toll on people. As congestion has risen so has the number of suicides.

3. The stress of commuting has also caused a decrease in workplace productivity. It makes it hard when you spend so much of the day in traffic. On top of that, poor air quality is causing more health issues. It would be difficult for anyone to be productive.

4. The air quality has become a problem. *The pollution in Lagos is 5 times higher than the recommended limit.

5. Economic loss is in the millions because people are stuck in their vehicles rather than working and making purchases.

Although there are quite a few things that can be done, it will require a lot of change in the coming years. There are many ways we can combat these problems.

1. Work Remotely

Employers can allow their employees to work remotely. It could take some time for companies to get used to this idea, but it could not only help reduce the number of cars on the road but could help decrease stress and improve productivity. Image employees being able to work instead of sitting in traffic.

2. Public Transit

Lagos currently has a railway that runs East to West, but more transit systems need to be added. The city is currently working on expanding its system, but this means a lot of changes to the infrastructure. When all is done it will take people off the road. The city is also looking at making use of the water with the use of ferries. They will need to add a separate bus lane, better walking, and biking areas. All these transit options will be linked which will create a much easier transit experience.

3. Carpooling

If there are 4 people in 1 car that is 3 less cars on the road. Imagine how much space that would save. Commuting with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors can help ease the traffic. Some cities offer incentives for carpooling which can help get more people to do it.

4. Eco Cars

Filtering in more eco-friendly hybrid cars will help with air pollution. All-electric vehicles require charging stations. Although this will take time to implement, this is something Lagos really needs to help with pollution.

5. Rerouting Trucks

It’s no shock that trucks take up a lot of room on the road. The city will need to provide alternate routes around the city that the trucks can use. This will keep many of these trucks out of the more congested areas.

Over the next few decades, serious changes will need to take place. There are already companies trying to implement these plans. Vroom plans on being part of this change to help improve the air and free up the roads.

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Tips for Keeping ridesharing safe

March 4, 2020

No matter where you are in the world there has been a story about some sort of danger a driver and/or rider has been involved in. Unfortunately, even with more serious security measures things still happen. There is always going to be someone that sneaks through and does something wrong. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce these issues. The goal, of course, is to keep every single person safe at all times and if something does arise it is easy to alert someone and get help.

We have heard many stories about people getting into cars they thought was for them, but it turrned out the driver was fake. Some people have escaped but others, unfortunately, did not. Either way, all riders should be aware and verify that they have the right driver. Whether you only useridesharing apps once in a while or all the time you should be properly prepared for any situation. The same goes for the drivers because driver security from passengers is just as important.

What can be done to help minimize safety issues?

Security Apps & Gadgets

There are apps in the market that can provide you with more protection beyond what the actual ridesharing apps have, apps like WatchOverMe and Code9Help have great features like a panic button that instantly sends out a danger alert. They also have alarms you must answer otherwise your personal contacts are alerted with all your information including location. There is even a jewelry now that has a panic button in it making it even easier to alert people.

Safe Pickup

There is no need to rush out as soon as you book a ride, just stay inside until your ride is outside. Do notn’t request a pickup in a dark secluded area, go to a public well-lit place to get picked up.

Ride Together

It is always better to ride with another person because doing anything alone has a higher risk than being in a group. You may not always be able to ride with someone but try to as much as you can. If you do have to ride alone you should take extra precautions.

Confirm Car and Driver

Any decent ridesharing app like Vroom would mention the make, model, and license plate number of the car. All it takes is a moment to verify the car matches what the app says. This has always been one of the biggest issues where people get in a vehicle because it looks like the one they booked. Your driver will know the name of the person they are picking up so allow them to say your name before getting into the car.

Drivers should always say the passenger name and their destination before the ride starts. This not only makes it safer for passengers but also drivers. They do not want any fake passengers jumping into their car. Another step both passengers and drivers should take is to make sure their picture match.

Seating Choice

Passengers should always ride in the back to make it easier to escape. The goal is to have more distance between you, the driver and more exit locations. Of course, if you are in a group that fills up the car someone will have to sit up front but in the case of 1 or 2 people, definitely sitsit in the back on the passenger side. There have been cases where someone had to jump out of the car and was able to do so from the back seat. Do not let anyone tell you where you have tomust sit, sit where you feel comfortable.

Seat Belts

Another serious problem is that passengers do not put on their seat belts. Accidents can still happen but for some reason, riders do not wear their seat belt as they should. If you use your seat belt in your car or a friend’s car then the same applies to ride-share vehicles.

App Security Functions

Most of the ride-sharing apps have some sort of trip protection functions in them. You can share your location with friends and family, send a panic alert and more. Although these features helpshelp, there are still risks. So, having additional security measures along with this is even better.


The driver and passenger should communicate properly about the ride. As a passenger and/or driver you can tell one another that the trip is being recorded and tracked. If someone knows they are being recorded they are less likely to commit a crime.

As a passenger inform the driver about being safe while driving. If you feel they are being a little careless you can tell them. The driver may be talking on the phone or playing around with something but, either way, your safety comes first. This is a job and drivers should understand that like any job you should be working not messing around.

The same goes for passengers. You should respect the drivers and ensure you aren’t doing anything to distract them. A pleasant conversation is always welcome but acting foolishly is no way to get to your destination safely. It puts you and the driver in danger.

Drop Off Locations

Be cautious when giving out your personal address. If you can, provide a location that is close to your home. You should never give them any personal information but one thing that most people do not think about is their address. Especially when you are coming home from the airport or even home from a night out. People usually don’t think twice about it.

Before deciding to take the rideride, you should determine a location near your home that you can use for your future rides. This can help ensure your safetysafety, so drivers don’t actually knowknow where you live. If you are staying in a hotel do not provide them your room number or anything other than your hotel’s location. A better option is to use the hotel next door as the drop off location.

Always be aware of your surroundings and if something does not seem right to you then request to stop and get out. If you are a driver and your passenger is making you uncomfortable, pull over and request that they exit the vehicle. Apps like Vroom want to ensure safety on all sides because all voices should be heardheard, and everyone should feel safe.

Vroom solves the ridesharing problems in Lagos

February 24, 2020

The rideshare industry has seen a lot of change over the years. We mentioned the problems this industry is facing in Lagos in the truth about the ridesharing industry article.

The major problem with most of these companies is that they either focus on the driver or they focus on the rider.

Rider and driver safety has been a concern. Also, riders want the best deal and drivers want proper compensation. This has been quite a struggle for a long time. How can we solve all these problems? Vroom is the answer.

How can Vroom make everyone happy? Well, let us see:

1. Drivers Compensation

Drivers are frustrated that they are not getting paid enough for each ride. If the driver is not satisfied with his/her work, it bleeds into the service they provide, making both driver and riders unhappy. This frustration driver’s face stems from a couple of different situations.

The first is that the fare prices do not offset the time it takes to get to the destination. Lagos is a major city with intense traffic conditions. The amount the drivers are getting for the time it takes to get there is not quite enough.

The other situation is when ridesharing apps offer discounts to riders. The goal is to increase the number of requested rides, but the profit of the drivers becomes so low due to the fact these companies are taking the discount out of the driver’s pocket instead of their own.

Vroom will take a different approach to this. The price will depend not solely on distance or time but both. The app will choose depending on what the current situation is. If traffic will cause a significant amount of time to get to the destination the price auto-adjusts itself to account for that.

If a discount is being provided to riders, Vroom will lower its commission, so it does not impose financial strain on its drivers. It is not fair for companies to impose discounts on their drivers.

2. Rider Cost

Of course, when you are looking around trying to find the best price for a ride you tend to go with the cheapest. The problem with this is the service you get may not be what you want. Although we will ensure drivers get compensated correctly, no passenger will feel they are overpaying while enjoying superior service.

3. Safety

There have been too many stories of drivers not feeling safe because they were worried about passengers trying to rob them. This goes for the riders as well. If anyone can become a driver by simply signing up and providing some documents there is a chance that a driver is not trustworthy. Yes, more ridesharing apps are requiring more from their drivers to ensure they are trustworthy.

Vroom wants to ensure that both drivers and riders are trustworthy. All drivers will go through a screening process to ensure riders are secure riding in a car with them. Riders will also be held to a higher standard by providing more details that the other apps usually do not ask. This is to ensure riders can be trusted as well.

Vroom simply wants to improve what is out there and provide solutions to riders and drivers alike ensuring both parties are happy and enjoy their ridesharing experience. Safety, security, and fun! It’s the new way to rideshare.

The Truth about the Ridesharing Industry in Nigeria

February 18, 2020

The rideshare industry has had a huge impact on transportation throughout the world. It has made traveling easier by allowing us to simply use our phones to get anywhere we need to. It almost makes us wonder how we got anywhere without it. Almost, after all, it was not that long ago we relied on taxis and public transportation to get around.

Ridesharing in many parts of the world has seen its ups and downs and Nigeria is no different. There have been many taxi and ridesharing companies pop up over the years in Nigeria. Some of the top ones include Bolt, Uber, and more. Others did not last due to various problems meeting either driver or rider expectations. Their entire business model just did not work for the Nigerian market.

Rider and driver safety is the ultimate goal and something that can be tricky. It is not just passengers that have to be aware but also drivers. There have been some rough situations that all companies want to avoid. There have been plenty of reports that drivers have been treated poorly by riders and riders feeling unsafe with their drivers. It was only a matter of time before measures had to be taken to increase the safety of riders and drivers.

This year we may see quite a bit of change in the rideshare industry. Lately, the Lagos government has been stepping in more rigorously pushing for more stringent regulations. Drivers could soon be held at a much higher standard than ever before.

We have to keep in mind that it’s not just about providing a great experience for the riders but also the drivers. Safety should always be the number one concern, followed by the cost to riders and pay to drivers. Some apps offer decent pay while others do not. How do you keep riders happy with the cost and drivers happy with the pay? That balance has been very difficult to find for many companies. Although these apps have a lot of features in them, they are all in some way lacking.

Is there any platform that has solved all the problems faced by the ride-hailing industry? Many companies have tried and failed miserably which is why they no longer exist. For the companies who have managed to keep going, improvements have been made over the years but they are still not quite there.

It’s time to start bringing more transparency to the industry and ensuring everyone is safe and satisfied with the ridesharing company they decide to use. The only app that may help solve all these problems is ‘Vroom’. Vroom has found a balance and solution for making both drivers and passengers happy and secure.

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